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fall 2019

Kit was not originally meant to be a kit at all. An idea conceived on a daily commute, the original format of the type was meant to mimic the vibe of the Brooklyn neighborhood Clinton Hill. Based on a mix of street art and official signage, the original concept had more to do with the condensed, single weight, rounded identity of the type, along with elevated descenders and tails and towering T’s and L’s.

Through the iterative process, the initial drawings were hand-drawn, using simple circles in the joints as guide points. However, the look of the circles in the joints felt like a completely different reading of the original type. Instead of a guide, what if it was a nail? What if the whole typeface could actually be constructed from a few pieces, and held together at the edges like hinges? The final result is just that: a set of pieces that can be used with pegs to actually build the framework of an alphabet, a Buildable Typeface. Kit includes 85 acrylic “letter-forms,” 65 wooden pegs, and a tray to measure the dimensions of the letters. 

Outer Covers
Assembly Graphic
Alphabet Print
Pieces + Box
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