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Spring 2018

Studio 3.1

This semester-long project adopted Worth Square in NYC, opposite of the famous Flatiron Building. The small triangular condition with a preexisting monument off of Madison Square Park made for an incredibly challenging site for a 300ft building proposal. 

The goal was to create a headquarters for the MAS (the Municipal Arts Society), as well as to program a museum and library. As the MAS is primarily a “preservation” society, I chose to focus my attentions on the untold history of Manhattan: the marginalization and mistreatment of indigenous peoples, immigrants, and minorities.

The biggest regret I have looking back on this project is that of the ground level atrium. One of the main issues addressed in this project was how to adopt a preserved space without privatizing it, which is the exact consequence of my design on the preexisting condition, which holds a small Civil War monument. If I were to return to this scheme, that would be my first design priority. 

Axonometric + Elevation
Sections + Plans
Gallery Abstractions, Inspiration
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