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Spring 2020

Prototyping & Production

The Mindful 5 is a collection of makeup/skincare hybrids, each with 5 complimentary ingredients and wellness benefits. The limited line of products had a unique packaging that seemed disconnected from there rest of the Smashbox line, which is primarily black with red accents. The rebrand took imagery from the original concept and magnified it while adjusting to a more coherent look for the overall brand.

The branding of the original boxes used imagery that focused on nature and specifically light refraction and prisms. It was an attempt at the clean beauty trend that is sweeping cosmetics. As a result, the aesthetic is very young, fresh, and modern. To reinforce the imagery, I used iridescent foils on the outside of the box and created a crystallized palette to continue over all three boxes. As a result, when the boxes are displayed next to each other, they present one continuous image.

Mindful 5 Moodboard
Final Proposals_3_edited_edited
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