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Fall 2017

Studio 4.1

The Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona is cha-racterized by a very specific block formation: the octagonal block with an empty center. While this doesn't seem so strange on its own, consider that the entire neighborhood only accommodates this layout, and has a strict height limit.

The premise of this proposal was to infill one of the only nonconforming blocks in the neighborhood with a housing complex and corresponding garden co-op in the open center. I decided to focus on a demographic very specific to Barcelona: elderly couples with adult children living at home. The concept was simple, to create units that could be spacious and accessible one-bedroom apartments that could be converted to comfortable two-bedrooms. The garden co-op became the entry: couples who wanted to live in the units would have to volunteer time to the co-op as teachers for local community members.

Super Bloc Facade_edited
Site Iso
Housing Unit Typologies
Kitchen Classroom
Community Center
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