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Fall 2020

Packaging Design II

Taboo seeks to end drug store embarrassment with a convenient and modern system. Only available online, consumers can access all their nutritional needs from the comfort of their homes. The primary products are two sets of multivitamins, one for 18+ and one for 45+. The extension product is a set of dietary supplements for various embarrassing ailments, such as GI issues, rosacea, and period cramps. 

The Taboo 18+/45+ Multivitamin bottles are made of an opaque recyclable PET (+polypropylene for secure cap). The windows will be made of a translucent PET film and applied along with the vinyl adhesive labels. The box swings open to reveal the bottle and enclosed literature. The supplement pouches are made of aluminum-coated PET films. They are wrapped with post- recycled cardboard belly bands for details and ingredients.

Both exterior packages are rigid box construction made of printed paper board + card- board. They are secured by magnets on the interior and branded stickers on the exterior. Each box contains a molded paper-pulp tray fitted for each product. It is made with recycled paper waste.

Packaging GIF
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