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Fall 2019

Design Systems

Tactil is a modular educational toy designed specifically for children with visual impairments /blindness. It is meant to be a play and learning alternative for kids between the ages of 1-5, learning the Latin Alphabet and Numeric, as well as the standard Braille Reading System. It also features the newly developed ELIA Frame system, a new alternative to traditional Braille. The Tactil module is a series of interlocking building blocks with each of the above systems as well as various textures for a wholly tactile experience. However the color allows for non-exclusive play, and these blocks are developmental tools for every child.


Tactil has three different sets: A Basic Alphabet, a Vowel Expansion, and a Consonant Expansion. This allows for the parent to extend the sets as the child's learning and understanding of language progresses. The modules are made of food-grade silicone and are safe for kids of all ages.

Dimensions + Features
Corporate Identity
Trifold Brochure
Basic Box
Expansion Boxes
Expansion Boxes
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