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spring 2020

The connection between sesame oil and tarot is not exactly obvious. Sesame oil is something that is fairly prevalent but many amateur cooks have not used (or are too scared to try). The driving concept of this project was to equate the journey of a cook to that of the Major Arcana, in which The Fool searches for enlightenment. “Upright” is from the reading of the cards as either upright (positive) or reversed (negative).

There are three types of oil corresponding to their level of non-familiarity: basic sesame oil, toasted sesame oil, and black sesame oil. The cards are representative of where on the journey the consumer is. 


Each illustration is based on the imagery that is traditionally present in each card. For The Chariot, I included a crescent moon, a river, and the symbol of Mercury. The Hanged Man shows hands upside-down, bound and reaching for the ground. And The Sun shows the star behind a brick wall with four sunflowers.

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